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Hér að finna meðmæli frá viðskiptavinum um hvað virkar best á hina ýmsu kvilla.
Fréttabréf Dr. David Melumad
Dr. David Melumad, framleiðandi varanna gefur reglulega út fréttabréf sem hann dreifir til allra söluaðila víðs vegar um heiminn. Þetta gerir hann til að fræða söluráðgjafa enn frekar um vörurnar. Hann leggur mikið upp úr fræðslu og persónulegri þjónustu og leggur ríka áherslu á að söluráðgjafar séu vel upplýstir um vörurnar sem verið er að bjóða.
Some customers reported us that they found a new use to our Plantoral Mouth Spray.
These customers noticed that if they spray the product twice on the upper part of their mouth cavity when they are hungry, their feeling of hunger is suppressed.
The ongoing competition urges us to differentiate our products from their competitors by their high quality and by their outstanding performances.
Another characteristic of our products is the fact that all of them are animal friendly. They do not contain any animal ingredients.
The end of December is the best time to look back at 2011with a lot of pleasure and also to look
forward to 2012 with a lot of excitement.
The new design.
Lips don't have oil glands, so they can dry out especially easily and become cracked.
Don't lick. The cycle of wetting and drying that occurs when you lick your lips quickly causes them to chap.
At wintertime skin tends to get dry and chapped.
What are the reasons for that and how can we get the best soft skin this winter?
The launching of the uniQue Eau de Parfum The launching of 11 new uniQue makeup products The presentations in the conference The awards All these great moments and many more turned this event to be the most powerful and most successful A'vera event.
There is so much to write about the 2011 Annual A'vera Conference therefore we decided to divide it in several parts.
2011 Annual A'vera Conference was also the celebration of the 5th anniversary of A'vera. This celebration is the theme of our 59th Newsletter.
This newsletter is sent to you between two conferences.
The A'vera conference that we had in June in Sibiu and the 2011 A'vera
annual conference which we are going to have next month in Norway.
As always, A'vera and us are taking the best care of your continuous education.
We think that knowledge is power. This is the most powerful selling tool that we
would like to provide you with.
The more you will know about the products and about their supporting scientific
background, the easier it will be for you to sell them and to offer your clients
the best solution to their problems.
"This week was very rich in content. It contained
manyelements:Relaxing,enjoyment,inspiration, motivation, vacation, spa treatments, visiting new places,professional education, sharing views, approaches and experience among the leaders and konsulents, meeting and mingling and superb food. All in high standards and in a very unique atmosphere.
We continue with 5 additional cosmetic myths.
Are they true or false?
We continue also the process of strengthening our brand name and upgrading the look of our products. This time we present two more products whith a new design - The Seven Herbs Feminine Intimate Cleanser and the Seven Herbs Antidandruff Shampoo.
"It seems that the final official approval for the safety of Parabens is very close". This is the bottom line of our short article about the "Good news regarding Parabens"
This issue is loaded with tips about skin protection during winter time and our recommended products.
This issue is dedicated to three topics:
1. Skin Myths- True or false (part one)
Is drinking a lot of water helping your dry skin? There are many skin myths. Not all of them are true. Part one deals with the first four skin myths. Unfortunately, all of them happen to be false.
2. Nanoparticles-
All about one of the most discussed issues related to cosmetic products
3. New design to our products-
The latest hottest news from Dr. Melumad Laboratories.
2010 was a very fruitful and productive year. This is the ideal time to summarize the activities and achievements during this year".
 This newsletter which started four years ago, became very popular. Its continual publication expresses our commitment to share our know how with each one of you and to take care of your continuous education.
We thank very much all the leaders and saleswomen who sent us, during the years, their questions, comments and suggestions. We invite each one of you to continue emailing us your inquiries, remarks and proposals. Please feel free to email us your ideas and responses. By doing this, you actively participate in creating the outline and the contents of these newsletters.
This newsletter is the second part of "Healhy winter wih Natura Vita food supplements". It is about the flu, the immune system and Resistance.
How shall you improve your life quality during wintertime? This is the first part of our article dealing with characteristic wintertime health problems and our two innovative food supplements- Cof -D and Resistance.
During the 2010 A' vera Annual Conference, we launched Natura Vita - our new line of Food Supplements. The first step consists of 5 products:
Cof - D
In the attached newsletter, which is the 47th issue of "Dr. Melumad Scientific Letters", we start the first part in a serie of articles about Food Supplements and the Natura Vita products.
We are back from a highly stimulating, immensely exciting and deeply motivating event - The A' vera 2010 Annual Conference.
"Dr. Melumad Scientific Letter" No. 46 is dedicated to this event. The challenges of organizing A' vera conferences and tours in Sweden and abroad create every time new and higher standards. These standards, which contribute to the big success of these events are highly appreciated by all the participants.
We would like to express our thanks to Matthildur, Niklas, Inga and to all the people who took part in the organization of this fantastic event.
This issue is dedicated to the first part of the article which enables you to "Discover all about men's care".
During the conference we launched Hemogel - The natural relief from hemorrhoids. Please find in the attached newsletter, the lecture about hemorrhoids and Hemogel which was presented in this conference.
Following the April issue of our newsletter about the best way to protect yourself against sun damage, please find attached the second part of this article. This part deals with two more issues: Sun smart tips and 14 advantages of our sun protecting products.
What are the effects of UV radiation on human skin? What is a suntan? How to use sunscreens? Which factors affect UV radiation and how? How do sunscreens protect skin? You will find the answers to these questions and to many other questions in our 42nd issue of "Dr. Melumad Scientific Letters"
This newsletter deals with Plant Extracts and with the fact that we prepare in our factory all the plant extracts using unique methods based on the experience of three generations of pharmacists in our family. The exclusive use of these extracts in our products, is one of our advantages explaining the unique activity and performance of our products.
Fréttabréf Dr. Melumad - 40. tbl.
This is the second part of the article dealing with controversial ingredients, and this month we deal with SLS and SLES. "This is one more example illustrating the method. Un- established information is published in various websites. Journalists that do not have the slightest notion regarding life sciences start to write how bad it is, spreading this misleading information and scaring their innocent readers".
We added also a short article regarding alcohol and the family of alcohols.
Fréttabréf Dr. Melumad - 39.tbl.
"Nowadays there are many clients whose only consideration when buying cosmetic products, is its compliance with a certain "negative list". These people buy cosmetic products not because of what there is in it but because of what there is not in it".
This newsletter is dedicated to the first part of an article that deals with these "negative lists". This first part is about preservatives and the question of safety of Parabens.



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